We provide students mentorship and guidance to land internships in product management at top companies in the tech industry. Any major/year can apply to learn from our mentors that have previously navigated the recruiting process for several companies.

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Our organization was founded by UT students who survived and eventually conquered the recruiting gauntlet, receiving offers from Uber, Twitter, Intuit, Microsoft, Dropbox, Indeed, and many more. Regardless of which career path we chose, we all felt as though we couldn't have gotten where we are without the help of others -- help that we just happened to receive due to chance meetings, our own personal networks, and other similar one-off events. We each recognized that we are lucky, and felt the need to expand access to the resources we used to achieve our career goals (coaching, mentorship, and so on).

As a member of Product@TX, you will have access to networking opportunities with current PMs/APMs and Product@TX alumni who want to inform & interact with UT students, Product@TX mentors who can help restructure your resume to focus on PM-relevant experiences & attributes, and get mock interview practice with other Product@TX fellows. Product@TX provides UT students interested in PM/searching for PM roles with mentorship in the recruitment process and exposure to what PM looks like at different companies.



  • Riya Cyriac

    Junior, MIS + Plan II Honors + CS

    Incoming APM Intern at Salesforce

  • Anjali Bathra Ravikumar

    Senior, Business Analytics + CS

    Incoming RPM @ Intuit

  • Triambika Dinakaran

    Vice President
    Junior, CS + Classical Studies

    Incoming TPM Intern at Microsoft

  • Sahana Raj

    Academic Chair
    Sophomore, CBHP + MIS

    Incoming PM Intern at Microsoft

  • Alan Tang

    Academic Chair
    Junior, MIS + CS

    Incoming PM Intern at Microsoft

  • Shivam Siddaiya

    Programs Chair
    Sophomore, Business Analytics + Philosophy

    Incoming APM Intern at Coinbase

  • Aiden Warnke

    Programs Chair
    Junior, Philosophy + CS

    Incoming Consulting Intern at Oliver Wyman NYC


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